Transparency and openness are the key to successful projects for Mantacore

“We want to be a modern, transparent company focussed on our customers, so we need our project tools to reflect that,” says Linda Forslund, Customer Service and Support Manager at Mantacore.

Mantacore supplies business systems to insurance companies in the Nordic region and the UK. The company develops comprehensive software for handling products and business processes within property and accident insurance for insurance companies. The company was founded in 1993 and now has offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Birmingham.

Mantacore was looking for a tool that could support them in their day-to-day work and bridge the geographic distances in a smart and flexible way. They chose Projectplace, which several employees were already familiar with.

Initially, version management and archiving of documents were the most frequently used functions, but as employees have gradually become more familiar with the system, the planning tools have gained an increasingly prominent role, as have online meetings.

Linda Forslund uses the interactive timeline and the Gantt chart in all her projects. Previously, post-it notes on the notice board served as planning for projects.

“When I discovered the interactive timeline, I thought: Wow, now I can see just what I need to do,” says Linda Forslund.

She has set up planning for all her projects in Projectplace, and the overview makes it clear and easy. Deliveries are always on time, irrespective of whether the deadline is far in the future or involves the small day-to-day decisions.

And since everything is open and visible, it would be easy for a colleague to take over if Linda Forslund were to be ill or switch assignments.

With Projectplace, projects are no longer as dependent on a few central key individuals; everyone has access to all information and because it's a cloud service the project interface can be accessed by project members wherever they are.