Projectplace – a linchpin in PeakVantage’s operation

“Projectplace makes us stronger as a team because we can provide our clients with a high level of service. With Projectplace you never forget assignments, which makes it easier for everyone to deliver according to set objectives. And that is the most important job of all, delivering to our clients,” says PeakVantage’s founder Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen.

When management consultancy firm PeakVantage guides its clients through complex takeover and change processes, a key component in ensuring a successful conclusion is the cloud-based social collaboration tool Projectplace.

“Projectplace provides companies with a platform for meetings during corporate mergers or acquisitions. Combining two different IT systems is one of the hardest tasks associated with a corporate merger or a takeover. Projectplace is the first place that the newly-formed company meets as a joint group,” says Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen.

Always ready with Projectplace

Despite the firm’s consultants being based in a number of different countries, they all share the same objective – to help clients achieve their goals during tough change processes. All of PeakVantage’s employees use the Projectplace app on their smartphones. This ensures that they never forget an important assignment or need to hunt through a brimming inbox for important information.

“When we open Projectplace, we can all work together. Our physical location, or whether we work on a Mac or a PC, is of no consequence. We have no need for IT people. We need to communicate quickly and efficiently if we are to satisfy our clients’ needs,” says Lisbet.

Implements change projects aided by issue management system

PeakVantage uses a variety of Projectplace functions tailored to the requirements of the project in question. Popular features include document management, the issue management system and project overview. For PeakVantage issue management is a crucial tool when collaborating with its clients on a change project.

“In the case of implementing a change project over a period of 12 months, the entire project is stored in the form of issues. This provides a clear overview of who needs to do what and how far we have come in terms of the overall process,” says Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen.