Make the most of (your projects) now!

The company

Simplify global communications

...or even work on the go, practically without limitations. This is the goal Vodafone Global Enterprise has set itself. The name says it all: by developing strategies for global businesses, the company helps to reduce the complexity, and hence the cost of communications for global corporations. Vodafone Global Enterprise creates a communications strategy to support a company on regional, national and global level! Consistent service and support is a matter of course for Vodafone. The main objective is to enable more efficient communications for customers wherever possible, while keeping exchanges secure. This is the only way that customers can focus on their core business. Throughout the process, return on investment remains a consideration, and this is precisely why Vodafone is No. 1 in mobile communications.

The requirement

Networked communication needs networked software

All this requires a solution that facilitates simple, straightforward communication. A Web-based application is the perfect choice, as it allows communication anytime and anyplace – wherever you happen to be.

“Our priority is to have consistent, integrated communications – especially across multiple locations,” says Alexander Gottschlich, Global Programme Manager at Vodafone.
“Our previous solution didn’t cover this.”

Vodafone works for customers whose teams are often active worldwide. This makes it particularly difficult to coordinate. In the past, e-mails were sent back and forth, mailboxes overflowed and important information was often not recognised immediately.

As a result, documents were processed in parallel and often discarded as it was not clear that they were being used by colleagues. The project team often had no uniform access to network drives and project documents.

“Finally we have a central system for storing files, working on them and retrieving them, always in real-time. Any project member can access it, and most importantly, the latest version is always available,” emphasises Gottschlich. And access doesn’t necessarily mean equal access: Projectplace allows for assigning individual authorisation and rights. Some details are hidden from other project team members, depending on the project manager’s wishes.

The solution

A virtual office

In effect, Vodafone’s requirement was a virtual office, accessible to each member of the project team and in which the needed documents could immediately be found, true to the motto: “if the world is your office, wireless networking is indispensable.” This is where Projectplace enters the picture, a Web-based solution that enables communication anywhere, and at all times.

Make the most of (your projects) now!

…wherever you happen to be. All you need is internet access. “Projectplace is easy to operate and completely intuitive,” says Gottschlich. “The software helps enormously in cutting down on travel time and costs. Coordination is much faster with online meetings. Project team members can talk to each other without having to meet face-to face. The content on their computers are easily shared. This greatly reduces misunderstandings.”