West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

"The system is intuitive enough that much can be learned by "playing" on the free trial offered."
Says Kyle McClelland, Divisional Manager at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

West Hertfordshire Hospitals has a new working philosophy by using Projectplace.


West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust was formed on April 1, 2000. The Trust provides health services to the population of West Hertfordshire and beyond, and covers four sites:

  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Mount Vernon
  • St Albans
  • Watford

West Hertfordshire Hospitals have commenced the Business Case process for a £323M reprovision of their Watford Hospital site using the UK governments Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The Watford Hospital PFI Project also forms one part of a wider project involving 7 other organisations in the development of a new healthcare and health business related "Health Park" around the Watford General Hospital site. This additional work is currently valued at approximately £350M.


Kyle McClelland Divisional Manager at West Hertfordshire Hospitals chose Projectplace as the major web based project management system for implementing these major new Health PFI Projects, as well as for managing the Trust's more routine capital projects portfolios.

"With multiple geographically disparate working teams and the need to ensure that all members of the team are working with the most recently published data Projectplace is an essential element of these projects." Says Kyle McClelland.

The ability of Projectplace to record comments and amendments on documentation and to enable recorded interactive discussion is a major benefit for Kyle and his team. Projectplace also automates the process for strict version control enabling the PRINCE2 methodology to be easily used.

"Projectplace is being used as a "published document" repository and further as a reviewing mechanism for documents prior to publication." adds Kyle.


"Projectplace has enabled the reduction of storage on our internal systems and has enabled a remote working philosophy in the Project Team. We also anticipate further significant benefits and financial savings will be delivered as we enter the PFI procurement phases" Notes Kyle McClelland

The centralized storage of documentation that Projectplace offers is accessible to controlled members of their supply chain which has delivered significant benefits to the Project as well as being by far the most efficient method of communicating to their multiple stakeholders. Also the logging of access and commentary provides a history of activities which is being used very powerfully for their statutory audit purposes.

"When we evaluated Projectplace against the competition we felt that it provided the simplest and most robust communication tool for our non-technical audience, while still providing the necessary communication, Project Management and file sharing capabilities we were looking for." Concludes Kyle McClelland.

The Projectplace web based management tool is believed to provide best value for the types of work West Hertfordshire Hospitals are to conduct in the major Health PFI project and other Health Projects too.

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